1- I totally got a slot on my university radio, and I am allowed to play whatever I want, safe in the knowledge that the artists will be given their respective royalties. I am so stoked about this because my aim is to play all the songs you don’t normally hear on the radio–who needs the singles!?

2- I kind of already got offered more than one radio slot because they like that I’m excited… this is a win! However my schedule sucks but if I can work it out, why the hell not!?

3- And on top of that, they think I’m a good person to try and get onto the blog because I’m studying creative writing and journalism. So that’s another amazing opportunity that I really shouldn’t pass up. 😮

4- I get to go to the science museum :’) THAT in itself is epic considering that I am the girl who went to the science museum for my birthday last year or so…

5- While at the museum I get to find my own first ever “real” story–this is gonna be like my first ever insight into how that works and I’ll admit I pray I don’t fail…

6- I might be able to get onto a good job over Christmas that pays a lot more then my own right now, and money coming in is always a reason for excitement. 🙂

7- My friends Danny and Hazel are planning to go for a big night out and that is a rare occasion as of late. I mean that in the sense of both “I haven’t seen them much since I moved” and “my uni social life kind of doesn’t exist so no boozy nights for me”… I kinda fail at student life, but at the same time, liver failure doesn’t appeal to me.

8- My second ear piercing is currently about 5 weeks into its healing process, which means it’s not long until I can have my long dreamed of rainbow ear. ^_^ I have always planned on having three lobe piercings and two at the top so I can make a cute little arrangement of colours in my ear. I say second ear piercing like I actually only have two now, but I mean I have the full five, so once it’s healed, ACID WILL HIT YOUR FACE! I lie.

9- I do actually have enough money to get my new tattoo done, which has a design waiting at my lovely parlour for me… the question is merely when to get it and if I really want to splash my student cash…

10- I have reading week next week, and while “it’s not half term” as my teachers like to keep pointing out,


is still a week off! (or rather four days because I’ll still have work)

Life is pretty good right now 🙂