My laptop is no more!

I have a very clever friend called Josh-not-Farro, to call him by his proper blog nickname, and he trod on–yes TROD ON!–my screen D:

I have about an inch or so of “still functioning screen” and it was not fun trying to gather together all my documents and pictures and whatnot when I had no f**king start menu… I literally had to squish two windows into this little gap and try not to lose them in the expanse of Narnia or whatever the rest of my screen had become. Guh -_-

I have so much on this laptop that I can’t lose–uni work and all my songs that I’ve taken hours to record, my stories that I was getting proper into just the other day ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Stupid Josh!

So yeah, now I have to send it off to get fixed, or maybe I’ll get another one completely ๐Ÿ˜ฎ But this was a birthday present from two years ago and I wanted it to survive longer than that xD Thankfully, I have a Kindle so it’s not too hard to stay in touch kind of. The qwerty keyboard is out to get me but #suckitup woman! I mean I could try and run this on my laptop, but can you really see it going well when my screen looks like this? :


I am not a happy bunny. But I did go to Yo!Sushi on Sunday, which is always a good move ๐Ÿ˜› I managed to make an idiot out of myself as usual, by nearly flipping a plate all over myself.

If you’ve been to Yo!, you know about the diddy little plates they give you. I was basically trying to chop something in half and yeah… plate goes up, I make a loud startled noise and then Josh laughs at me for being an idiot. It seems to happen to me all the time. I once managed to throw a menu at a waitress by accident AND (this is the best one) I am that idiot that can throw a bowling ball backwards, BACKWARDS!!

I’m meant to be going bowling on Sunday actually… I don’t really like it but it’s with mates that I haven’t seen in a long time and I miss their faces :’)

Maybe I’ll just use that ramp so I don’t do anything dumb… I get moaned at actually because I always swap hand to bowl! I actually got moaned at like it was awful ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I’m left handed but I can never decide what hand I am in sport. To be honest, I don’t play sport enough to care, but I tell you what, being left handed is a pain.

Seriously, I have ISSUES with this. I mean, I know someone probably does feel they need this stuff but here we go…

Things I question in my left handed life:

1. Scissors.

Why the hell do we need specifically left handed scissors? It’s two blades stuck together to cut things!

2. Rulers

These take the piss because they actually have the numbers going the other way… I’m left handed but I don’t read right to left you morons.

3. The fact that I have indeed been asked if I write right to left… WHAT THE F**K!?!?

No! I write left to right, and for the record, I do not need to wrap myself around the pen and write from the top like a freak, nor do I smudge ink everywhere–believe me, I use a bloody fountain pen. There is a thing called “writing from underneath” DUH.

4. People creating pens that are ORDINARY BIROS that are advertised as being suitable for right and left handed writers… It’s a stick with some ink in it, don’t act like that’s never been invented and left handed people have lived in the primitive ages of pencils because ofย the inability to hold a stick made of plastic as opposed to wood.

This is purely musical now:

5. People saying that because I’m a left handed guitarist, I have to love Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Kobain by law.


6. People taking my guitar and finding it awful to play, even when it’s upside down to strum with their right hand.

I don’t complain that “eurgh D: your guitar is weird, how do you play like this?!”, and some days in school and college, I HAD to play a guitar upside down because schools don’t believe the lefty heathens play guitar or find it difficult to play a standard right handed model.

That may or may not have been a tangent, but seriously I do hate it sometimes…

What I DON’T hate is the beauty that Ibanez have created in their left handed models, although my favourite was discontinued before I got a chance to buy one. This is the one I got first:


Note that it didn’t come with stripes, I put those on myself with electric tape xD And I did swap the original dials with one’s from my old fake strat… But what’s also awesome is that the fretboard glows under UV lights!! I did have a picture, but Lord knows where it went. -_-

I also just got back from uni and I’m a bit disturbed because I just watched a video of “Not I” by Samuel Beckett on YouTube… it’s ten minutes of a mouth lit up in the dark on it’s own as it babbles o_O Freaky as hell!

Uni actually isn’t bad, I still find it annoying that everyone portrays students as permanently out on a piss-up, because in actual fact I’ve only been out once with people from uni and all I had was a single cider and a lot of sweets. I did have a wino night in with Josh the other day though… This was the weekend resulting in him smashing my laptop–WOE IS ME!!!! D: FYI: “wino” is a term for being a person who drinks a lot of wine, or the act of many people socially drinking wine. Just in case you were asking at all ๐Ÿ˜›

But it was rather amusing because I decided we would go a rent a movie from the student library at nearly one am… I was smashed and I just stroll into a library to get DVDs, as you do! I found Howl’s Moving Castle, so I nabbed that in two seconds, yet thought that the film to totally watch while drunk was the original Friday the 13th… Sorry to the hard-core fans, but I found it awful xD I passed up on Howl and its blob men, weird demons and fat lady in a carriage that smushes up her face and just… WHY?! It would have been the ultimate trippy film!

This feels like it’s a really long post but I bet it’s only because it’s on a seven inch screen *sigh* I tell you what, it’s so awkward to type on a bloody Kindle. It’s taking me so long because I can’t click anything with a mouse if I need to go back and the keyboard doesn’t keep up with my fingers and just eurgh! I kind of can’t wait for my laptop because I miss it already. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I just lost the ability to type a sad face…

F**king facepalm or what?