It has only taken me about four hours to try and get on here thanks to some APPALLING internet connection -_- Isn’t that amazing(?)

I was meant to come on here and talk about how I learnt to write HMTL and CSS things today (computer jargon), and how awesome it was because it’s so cool to just type one different thing into it and you change the colour of the background! :O I’m simple…

That’s a little bit dead in my mind now because I’ve just done something that I have been mulling over for AGES.

I’m writing a novel in my spare time, and I have always wanted to finish it, write a part two and have many, many, many spin off novels. I was always stuck with one little snippet of a GOOD spin off, an awful first draft of the first book, a re-write of this as I redefined my style, and a page of the second book. Then I decided that I wanted a trilogy as I made my re-draft more substantial and thought out. I got stuck deciding what I would write about for the third novel–the first and second are the start and end of a big fight–and I realised that my plan has flopped again but NOW!

(and you may tell me that “Maria you think too much into this and way too far ahead)


My trilogy has been formed!

The story I have written, along with my original second book idea will now form book no.3, but here’s my plan:

The first book takes place about 8 generations before and sets up bridges that lead you to no.2 accordingly.

No.2 takes place with the grandson of a character in No.1 and pulls together more of the picture.

and No.3 is where the magic happens and all the books that may not have seem connected SUDDENLY MAKE SENSE! This story pulls in two very very distant relatives of the grandson that features in no.2, and follows them as the plan that has been building for YONKS finally comes out.

So like yeah, it’s your basic trilogy really. What a brainwave(!)

BUT! I’m so excited about it because it’s gonna drive me to fix everything. I also want a chance to test out various ways of writing– the characters are all going to be SO different. That’s kind of it this post. I just wanted to scream about how awesome my plan is, should it work :’) and trust! it’s only a trilogy… I’m not writing out 10 million books that eventually lose the plot and become shite!

I’M SO EXCITED! (And I am not merely shouting that I am excited, I am quoting The Cat in The Hat–you should watch it, it’s silly!)