This is a brand new set up so I’m incorporating a lot of things from my bubba-blog, “Life as Maria”, over on the ol’ Blogger. It might not differ much from this, but I’ll decide what I do about making them conjoined twins a little bit later!

20141007_000429_AndroidOne such thing that I am straight up introducing on here is my Uni Mascot, Sporky.


I didn’t ask for a Uni Mascot, I was merely given a dog toy in the shape of a piggy, that makes a low, little chortling sound if you squeeze it a few times in rapid succession. I had discovered this toy after a night out and, wandering with my friends half hungover and half “still-drunk”, quickly pissed myself laughing in the middle of a pound shop… They decided it was fitting to buy me one before I left to move up to Hendon.

So with this little piggy, I update a little stream of photos every now and again that show what I’m doing as I go through my new uni life. I find things become amusing if I put Sporky in the picture so it’s various scenarios like accidentally dropping him in a bucket of Pledge–my ultimate aim is to take him clubbing, I aim high!



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